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StormBox MkIII DNA 75


StormBox MkIII powered by Evolv DNA75 

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-Handcrafted stainless steel AISI 316L frame.
-Holds one 26650 battery (any size, not included).
-Stainless steel 510 spring loaded connector.
-FIRE button and plus/minus stainless steel actuators for onboard switches.
-Brass battery cap.
-A wood grip of your choice*, made from genuine Golden Madrone Burl / Maple Burl / Walnut Burl with high gloss hand polished shellac finish.

*When finalizing your payment please choose the desired wood and color
Walnut Burl - Natural
Madrone Burl - Natural or dyed
Maple Burl - Natural or dyed
*Hand-dyed color options: Black, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red and Orange.
You may choose up to two colors for each grip.
*If no color is chosen the wood is shellacked in the natural color

Our goal is to create a lighter and smaller grip by using composite sandwich technology.

With wall thickness of no more than 1,5mm - we use a 3d printed core (quality ABS filament) reinforced with a fiberglass layer, epoxy, and 0,5mm Genuine Burl Wood and about 10-20 layers of shellac sealer with handmade shellac polyester finish - you can read about it hereFrench_polish

The result is stronger, lighter, semi-flexible and much more affordable than the fragile and heavy stabilized wood burl.



Weight 0.2 kg
3d printed core (?) yes
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